A language that finally says what we have to say. Because our words no longer correspond to the world. When things were whole, we believed our words could express them. Then those things gradually broke, they went into splinters, crumbling into chaos. But our words have remained the same. They have not adapted to the new reality. Therefore, whenever we try to talk about what we see, we speak falsely, distorting the object we would like to represent. Everything gets messed up. But words, as she also understands, have the capacity to change. The problem is how to prove it. – (Paul Auster, New York Trilogy)






Our research, from design to urban design, comes from contamination, from imperfection, from dissonance, from difference, from the meaning other. A deepening to weaken (Vattimo) closed paradigms, obsolete dichotomies and self-referential orders. Everyone, from their own baggage, brings new points of view to the dialogue. Each pursues his own path by drawing on the other’s. Each work generates a small mutation, whether relating to a material, a space or a context, activating a critical reading. Our research, from design to urban design, tends to break what is considered static and determined, generating short circuits of meaning.