urban project, Acquafredda, 2019




The idea is to create a continuous and porous, implementable and repeatable space that continue through the direct connection of public areas, pedestrian and cycle paths, squares and green spaces. Porous because any facing or spontaneous activity can be inserted and changed. A space that can be implemented through the same building blocks and repeatable in other areas and streets of the municipality.

Recognizable thanks to the color that the flooring assumes, always different throughout the development of the intervention, a multicolored gradient that marks the path characterizing the various spaces.




The intervention consists of several overlapping layers, each contributing to the delineation of the spaces on different scales. The first is a large plate dedicated to pedestrians and gentle mobility. Well outlined and with a drop in altitude from the road level, it will subordinate the driveway crossing to the first, reversing the destination of this space, from vehicular to pedestrian. This layer overlaps the deep green, leaving it to emerge in spots in the areas of greatest interest both for planting and for parking. Above the plate are grouped a series of elements on the ground and suspended that characterize all public spaces, whether they are meeting places, playgrounds, or the outdoor areas of the exercises.




topics> overlaps, colors