Porocity, Europan competition, Espoo Finlandia, 2017




text> Every element is a part of a system and every system of another. On multiple layers they interact and create, everytime, something different. The space is sloped down into public, common [form student, regular, teaching/ research] and private. In each one there are a lot of other in relation to the function, the position and it can change by the need.





All the functions can take space [from private to public, not the opposite], make people interact, divide and share! Any kind of space [per genre] is linked, so that can be changed or upgraded. from the ground to the roof, from inside to outside any function mutate interacting with others. Not dividing spaces but characterizing them, people can join, split something to do, search or avoid, connect or not. the multeplicity of declination make every space unique, so everybody can find his unique way of sharing.









topics> porosity, interactions, fractals