Piazza Marenzio



P.za Marenzio project, Competition, Coccaglio BS, 2014






The square is reinterpreted by grafting elements as new keys for reading. Punctual interventions that distribute and derive from the space of relationships and functions.
Linear elements that cross and give rhythm to the square. A parallelepiped oriented on a secondary axis delimits it and sews it internally creating an element of comparison and relationship with an inside and an outside, a before and after that will not necessarily always be in this order.




The new spaces generated (permeable, fluid and flexible) will better interact and connect to the existing fabric and functions, without losing their identity. The compositional complexity of the new urban space will be the promoter of new social relations and new functional relationships, creating an absolutely heterogeneous place, thus increasing the flow and interaction between individuals and social groups.




The project is therefore a marked intervention aimed at changing the appearance and the usability of the square, without upsetting its current connotations. He wants to bring big changes, changing little. Leave a sign that reflects the geometry and relationships of the place.




The spatial redevelopment is not the definition of what will happen in the future, but the engine to initialize the space of relationships and from this the promotion of new activities by citizens. The square retains its own grounds while changing its shape. It takes on different connotations and is divided into the use of space. Although the functions are interpenetrating, they differ. Roads, gardens and sidewalks combine to form the new square.





topics> grafts, signs
release> Concorsi e Architettura,  Mi april 2015