Poetic of public space



Mercato coperto, Pinerolo, 2019




The project aims to be an opportunity to re-discuss this space as an urban and public space. Being part of the city palimpsest and creating a strong sign of spatial and temporal continuity. The purpose is to create a favorable environment for the development of relationships and connections. The modalities are the construction of an important sign, derived from the reading of the context, which characterizes this place and relaunches the requalification (also social) of the whole neighborhood. Poetic therefore as a conceptual aesthetic expression of a public space, in its essence and in its form, but also poetic as an implicit norm of generation, of the constitution of this space.







The project consists of three main moments, the connection, the delineation and the extension, through as many archetypes. The connection is made through the portal. A long portal from Corso Torino to Via Cravero becomes a passage and a union, but above all a subversive of the distribution order of the square in relation to the context. The layout of the square is carried out by the roof. Roof as a space for living. So not only for the market but to activate sociality and connections. The extension of the square is formalized through the plan. A large floor that incorporates the landmark buildings of the square and connects to other public spaces. The result is a strong sign, derived from the reading of the context, which rewrites and characterizes this space as urban and public, as a place.





topics> palimpsest, relations, poetic, graft, archetype