Indice via Mazzini



Indice via Mazzini, Brescia, 2016




text>  The idea starts from the desire to create a different concept of relationship and interaction with the customer in line with the attitudes and artistic directions proposals.
The space is structured to be formed for the different display and spatial needs.





Exhibition and display cases alternate with the reception lounges to create spaces and ever-changing rhythms. Several panels slide on walls materially processed in different ways. One worked with tile adhesive into three-dimensional tracks and the second with overlapping metal grids (see overlap and condensations paintings). The ceiling and all the technical elements at sight modify and add depth to an otherwise flat surroundings.It culminates in a lounge space under a stone vault where the customer is greeted in a more comfortable environment.






The perception, while being a unique space, is never static and immediate and draws on elements or relationships between them always different. Nothing is continually determined but may be varied and modified in temporal becoming of the store and its “actors.”







topics> flexibility, grids, materials


release> L’ARCHE 4, RUSSIA 2016
CASARESART 63, june 2016