School in Legnago



school sector project, Legnago, 2019




The school sector is conceived as a relationship of volumes that interact with each other creating interstitial spaces of relationship. They are joined by a fourth element (composed of the same structure of the buildings), straddling the urban staircase, which allows the distribution and crossing of the area (from north-east to south-west). The whole sector, in turn, creates spaces through the relationship with elements of the context such as the ‘Terrazzo’ drain, characterizing the whole area. The area is completely permeable around the sector through cycle paths, pedestrians and informal routes, and composed of a continuous succession of green micro-spaces that can be used by the whole population. The outdoor greenery, well over 60%, is distributed over small differences in level that create didactic areas, planted areas, botanical gardens. Outside the sector, the greenery is divided between feasible, planted and spontaneous (in the spaces adjacent to the waterway); the latter terraced to ensure a wider rolling edge.









topics> texture, structure, paths, texture, rhythm, inbetween