Abbicì, office furniture collection for Matzu group, China




text> The project consists of primary elements, volumes and simple forms. Primary forms such as the cube, parallelepipeds and truncated cones, easily recognizable and calm. Soft and graduated colors. These elements, combined in a first scale, create desks, bookcases, and all those useful furniture in an office. The combinations continue to create private offices, meeting rooms, brainstorming, etc. The aim is to recreate a pure abstract neutral environment, dematerialized and cleaned up by typical technical elements of the office. A space that knows how to transmit sensations of lightness and freedom, to avoid the built reality that offers few degrees of freedom of thought and action, and to free oneself from surroundings too much defined.




Starting from a basic compositional module the organizational models become more fluid and collaborative, the spaces heterogeneous, the colors and shapes characterized by the combination and therefore functionality of the furniture. The possibility of creating all the spaces inside the office with the same elements gives infinite possibilities for combinations and customizations, thus improving every aspect of every area and every activity.Another great advantage, besides defining all the types of space with few elements, is the possibility to re-define and recombine them according to the needs. Different spaces are needed in terms of size, furnishings and technology according to the different professional needs. Design environments with different settings depending on whether you work in groups or individually, and depending on the type of team work with these modules becomes much easier and more different.





topics> flexibility, colors, combinations