VPVS, Brescia, 2013





The project is part of the plot of the territory and wants to become an open center in direct connection with the city through the Prealpino underground stop. The industrial area is reshaped in a heterogeneous sector where the anthropic transformation is combined with the organic and tries to reduce its impact on the territory. The concept of sustainability is thus declined in the social, energetic, economic and environmental meanings. The future sector is an open system to better fit into the fabric, completely porous to make the activities interact with each other and with the outside, and the outside with the spaces of the sector. A plurality of inputs ensures complete permeability and crossability facilitating access to the functions present.





Spaces are distributed to have their own autonomy and identity, interacting with the others and distributing the different functions with the relative external fruition spaces. Each space / courtyard (and its functions), clean with superficies and morphologically recognizable, becomes an element of a system, a cluster within an archipelago. An archipelago within another archipelago, thus relating spaces, functions and production to the various territorial scales.





The redevelopment project is part of a very broad urban and multi-scale context.
It presupposes a flexible, heterogeneous overall vision composed of several independent / interdependent parts that contribute to the whole. Each part composes a whole, which is also part of a larger scale, in a multi-scale system where everything, from morpheme to the city, is all and part, fractal and self-similar. Each element is independent and interdependent, interconnected. It works on the net with others and with the surroundings, but it can exist without the others, and all the others can work without one. The sector becomes a network whose elements are important but not indispensable. As a rhizome there are no hierarchies but close connections and relations between the parts, and the parts of the parts.




topics> archipelago, multiscale, rhizome

release> AL 496, mi, 2014