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interni-negozio-abbigliamento-designtext> Project for the renovation and dressing of a clothing store in the center of Brescia.

design-mattoni-forati-parete-ledThe shop space was created with the degrees of freedom to be flexible and interchangeable, in favor of customization and creativity of the users in its temporal becoming. [Closets have the lower half divided and flowing which allows to double the capacity; The racks can be changed creating, together with directional uprights, different situations characterizing the space in relation to the display requirements; sliding frames, which manage the windows, slide on rails and open like a book to insert different kinds of tissue, so adjust introspection, color or theme, and direct illumination of the store].

interior-shop-store-designparete-led-mattoni-forati-designOne of the goal was to accentuate the depth by doubling and dematerializing the dividing walls, easing the partition and creating a path between textures and fabrics. The colors and textures of the fabrics come together and stand out against the white background of different texture, finish and porosity.

parete-mattoni-led-design-gres-effetto-seta parete-led-mattoni-forati

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topics> materials, flexibility, porosity