Indice Duomo

interior-design-shop-retailsite> Brescia
client> SonsofAnarchy, Brescia


testo> The store comes to life in three windows in the historic center of Brescia. Bright and spacious, it declines every small event, from the street inside. The space is fluid and soft, structured to be shaped by the different exhibit and spatial needs.


High pivots describe the walls becoming the metric bases for shelves and other elements. Exposition resting on mirror carpets alternate to small livings, creating spaces and rhythms that are always different. Mirrors in different directions multiply space and light.


The space is very informal but at the same time elegant, rough but also technological, stripped but also smooth.

lampada-cattelan-lampadario-griglia-allestimento-interior-negozio allestimenti-negozio-arredo-arredamento esposizione-negozio-allestimento-vetrine-occhiali-poltrona-albini-cassina

Evaluated as one of 2018 best projects from Archilovers


themes> grids, flexibility, reflections