Camignone youthcenter



youthcenter project, Camignone, 2019





The idea was born from the desire to combine the redevelopment with the possibility of opening the oratory, interacting with the surroundings and creating an urban space. Take advantage of the proximity of school and park to imagine an open and livable place for the whole population.

So it focuses on the recovery of buildings and functions, but above all on the recovery of values. Buildings so that the functions are better integrated and responsive to needs; values ​​so that the intention to be integrated with everything else is manifested through architecture.

The school and park across the street also form part of these relationships. Together they form a sphere, a quiet area for young people and adults. For this reason, the project involves a setback of the walls and the formation of a difference in height on the road to create a wider pedestrian area (also useful for the school) and an invitation to stop and enter the oratory, first directly from the road.

Inside the walls, the functions develop underneath and around a large unifying roof. Covered and / or shaded environment for each season. Permeable and continuous environment around a cloister. Together with the two underlying volumes, it divides the area into continuous spaces but each with its own characteristics and use.

Unifying element: a continuous link that marks every space, joins inside and outside, becomes a generator of functions and identity. It is transversely cut by the path that connects the entrance with the access to the chapel north of the Church.





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