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text> transforming a space opens up to multiple possibilities, a vehicle for a
changing society. The opportunity of a void, of more voids on different levels,
allows to interact with the territory on several scales.
The idea is to create a completely permeable urban park that hosts a living
cemetery. A park for the community in continuity with the territory opens on it.
The tombstones will be distributed in the green, while the gasholders will
become water mirrors, from which monolithic volumes will arise to host
mausoleums, family and singles graves. A gasholder will be used for parking and
another one as a crematorium temple.

planimetria-architettonica-cimitero-gasometri-distribuzione-rizomaticaThe structure of the project comes from territory reading. Its distribution is
built on two tracings and modules (coming from the surrounding) that form grids
on different layers. This method allows this texture to be applicable and
adaptable to any sites. The park is structured according to the text (grid)and
the modulecreated by the continuation of the side roads. A second grid draws and
distributes the spaces where the tombstones and monoliths will be inserted.
These volumes can be deployed freely and spontaneously within these modules.
The cemetery can be constantly upgraded following the same pattern; from a
strong and formal distribution to an indefinite and rhizomatic diffusion.
Within the gasholder this grid will be very rigid and will be distributed on
multiple levels in order to visit the monoliths. To this stripped space, warp
from the inside, is contrasted by a smooth space, paths defined only by walking.

sezione-cimitero-gasometriOutside the gasholder, the space becomes the space of movement, of going, and of what used to be lived, where the signs of the path disappear and move among the locules. The parking space and the crematorium furnace have a green flat roof, while the remaining gasholders are left free. Rainwater will be handled to create the mirrors of water (retained or released through a pumping system), giving a sense of infinity from which monoliths come out. Dumplings in these gasholders will be covered by water, while in the crematorium space will be used to host the religious functions area. From above a thirty-meter chimney will become a distinctive sign of the landscape, a landmark.

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